Are brands welcome on social media?

Revolut!on Magazine are reporting that:

‘According to the Rules of Engagement survey by Webtrends, 85 per cent of people under the age of 35 welcome brands on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but half said they would leave if the site became too commercial.’

This won’t come as a surprise to the better agencies out there. Too many brands bombard their current and potential customers with relentless advertising. This means that at best their messages are lost in the white noise of similar campaigns, at worst they will be ‘unfollowed’ by their (loyal) customers. Let’s put it in plain terms: If the agency you’ve engaged or your in-house comms team is bombarding your followers with advertising, they are souring what could be a very lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship.

The best brands engage with their customers; they start and maintain two-way conversations, giving consumers and target audiences a greater stake in the brand. There’s an added benefit to the brand: you can test new ideas, better understand and involve your customers and generally integrate your organisation into the web 2.0 world of interactivity.

Today’s marketing is all about conversations: Taking the good with the bad, and learning from the outcome. If you engage with your target audiences, you’ll be able to better meet their needs and keep their loyalty.

Another finding by the same survey highlights the problem: More than half of the Twitter users expect brands to interact with them on a daily basis; only a third of Facebook users expect the same. Understanding that there are different audiences across social media-savvy users is the key to understanding why some campaigns fail, and some campaigns work. Twitter is, for instance, a much better channel to open a direct, two-way conversation.

If you need help navigating the very fine balance between brand communications and advertising bombardment, we’re here to help!

Adam James Morecroft
A Junior Associate at Vivid London, Adam James Morecroft is a graduate of King's College European Studies programme. A childhood spent on the continent has fostered his keen linguistic skills, which he makes full use of in his role as junior PR and social media marketer.


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