A short word about speculative work…

You wouldn’t want an architect to build you a house before you’d had the chance to speak to them about what you wanted, even down to the tiniest detail. Why should your marketing and public relations be any different?

At Vivid, we’ve always been a bit different, and we’ve always been proud of the way that we are sharper than most in our industry. From day one, we’ve taken an uncompromising approach that has protected our clients’ interests by removing unnecessary expense and levels of red tape account management. These things would only serve to fundamentally undermine the connective bonds between us and our clients.

This approach to our time, resources and the quality of our work means that we never take part in speculative exercises. This is to protect our clients’ best interests: every hour we would spend on speculative work would be an hour stolen away from rate paying clients. We believe that to be unfair, and would never damage our relationship with committed clients in this way.

We also believe it important that we don’t start any assignment with our preconceptions; the pre-emptive approach that speculative work forces sets a certain course for all future creativity at an unnecessarily early stage in the process. This would be a further theft: that of the opportunity to collaboratively communicate and cooperate, to share ideas, and to get to know you and your firm.

This means that the work we do win is from clients who understand that they are not just buying creativity bound in a box, instead they’re buying a relationship between creative business professionals and themselves. A relationship that is geared entirely to delivering what the client needs, rather than the an eye-catching piece of speculative work that most often doesn’t suit a client’s needs or goals, and is entirely subsidised by a paying client’s fees.

If you are considering a pitch, why not take the time to engage with a firm that will never take time out of your account to rush through creative work for new businesses; ultimately you’ll get better quality work and stronger results when you’re totally engaged with your marketing or public relations firm. Isn’t that essentially the most important element of any pitch after a baseline price?

Neil Evans
A Senior Partner at Vivid London, Neil Evans is a brand communications specialist and a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Formally a broadcast journalist and presenter, he is also a trained commercial producer and feverish twitterer.


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