A new year, a new office…

A happy new year from everyone at the Vivid offices. New years are wondrous things, full of resolutions, plans and dreams.

Our recent post may have alerted the hyper astute amongst you that something new was coming our way.

Neumarkt Galerie KölnWe’re proud to officially announce the opening of Vivid’s newest branch in Germany’s media capital, Köln. Based in the stylish Neumarkt Galerie, Vivid’s team in Germany is ready to take on any media challenge you can think of.

We’ve always been an international company: from our colleagues, to our clients, to our focus. This latest expansion recognises the European nature of Vivid, and solidifies our standing as a cross-culutural communications firm.

Contact us today in Soho, Covent Garden or Köln to discuss your resolutions, plans and dreams for the year ahead!


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