The Peter & Iris Show

Well, of course the story was going to run and run, here, there and across the globe. A man of 60 with a 19 year-old lover – ordinary (dog bites man); a woman of 60 with a 19 year-old lover – fascinating (man bites dog).

Of course, having a name like Mrs Robinson is going to give an older girl ideas anyway, particularly if you have kept your figure and have the money to groom well. Having money – yours or, as in this case, somebody else’s – to give to the young lover is not going to be to your detriment. A husband who looks gallant, and bruised in an elegant fashion, appearing in your defence on national telly, is an added bonus. If you want instant celebrity, this is the way to do it.

I have never wanted to undertake personality PR. I leave that to the publicists such as Max Clifford. From the political point of view, there are those who believe that the finance issue will hand power to Sinn Fein. I feel unqualified to comment on the ramifications of that.

But as the Robinsons’ PR, I would have advised Mr Robinson, albeit with cuckolds’ horns, to hang on to his job. He is obviously well respected and competent. Interest in the strength of his wife’s knicker elastic will wane.

I suspect that other men will take a good look at Iris to see what the fuss has been about, will publicly sympathise with Peter, and keep an eye on their own wives’ diaries for a while. Iris not reporting on her financial affairs ‘to the relevant authorities’ seems mild compared to the shenanigans of Westminster.

Am I getting too cynical for words? I believe so.


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