Radio can drive online action

Mike Evans recently wrote on the future of the radio industry – that it is guaranteed thanks to the internet, rather than being replaced by online offerings.

MediaWeek are reporting a new study that confirms this, and in fact goes even further. It speaks to one of our other favourite topics: That offline advertising can drive online action, and vice versa.

The report in MediaWeek draws attention to the cost-effectiveness of radio: On average it takes about 10% of a marketing budget, but drives 34% of online actions. Whilst that is a sound return on investment, I would question the relevance of integrated campaigns. If a radio ad is supported by an integrated campaign that echoes its core messages, then radio is merely the trigger that causes the action.

That’s how to best employ radio ads, it would seem: The same study showed that a simple proposition, with a strong link to the overall campaign, and an intuitive web address were the best way to drive online action. This doesn’t come as a surprise to our team. Neil, Vivid’s Creative Director, has a history in radio broadcasting, and has always run campaigns in this way.

Radios are often on in workplaces; or at least heard by people who might be in front of their computers. They can immediately take action driven by what they hear, whilst the radio programme itself doesn’t interfere with their day to day activities, like a television might.

Radio can’t act alone in the marketing mix: Imagine if you can’t secure the best web address for your message. Unless it is perfectly congruent, the user is more likely to reach to the search part of their browser. Which is why your PPC campaign needs to be optimised to filter these ads to your site. Or why your PPC campaign needs to reflect the words that others might be using to find a competitor…

For help with synergising integrated on and offline campaigns for maximum return on investment, pop by for a chat at one of Vivid’s offices. We’ll use our experience in PPC and radio to give the optimal offering.


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