Let the Sunshine In

It’s only the second week of March, but already the first signs of spring are starting to appear. The brave few are already shedding their coats in excitement of the morning sun. This past week, in London at least, has been a pleasant break from the bleak, grey skied, sombre mood of winter – as the sun has returned to us finally. Despite the temperature hardly pushing six or seven on the thermometer, it feels like spring has sprung (for lack of a more original term).

Now, you only have to look outside of your window to see this fascinating news, but you should really take a closer look. Take note of the sudden attitude shift that grips people at this time of year. Sullen and downtrodden is so passé, positivity and optimistic is the new trend. Turn your frown upside down. Always look on the bright side of life. You’re walking on sunshine. Remember those delightfully upbeat catchphrases? You can use them at this time of year – all you have to do is blame the sun.

The weather isn’t the only thing to change in spring, of course. Things are changing across the board. Spending habits, new business directions, a whole heap of creative renewals. Refresh yourself, refresh your brand, refresh your outlook. Refreshed is the only acceptable default during springtime.

But what does this mean for the work environment? Basically: people are happier. They haven’t just been splashed by a bus on their way to work, or ice skated their way along the street. Happy people make happy workers. Happy workers make a happy office. Offices take a new vibe in Spring. It’s obvious, the sun brings out the best in people.

What better time to give your marketing a shake up (or even a small nudge)? We’re all in a happier place. Catch the attention of these laid back customers with a fresh new approach – something that will capture the attitude of the day. Vivid London offers you a fresh take on your marketing strategy; whether you’re feeling like spring, summer or even winter. Just don’t take the return of the sun (and it’s effect on people) for granted!

Talk to us about embracing the spring mood by refreshing your brand today!

Andrew Beedle


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