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Will social media make face-to-face meetings a thing of the past?

Leading Vivid’s social media team is a fun job – it means hours of strategising, brainstorming, and interaction. Social media is one of the few tools a brand can use to see an immediate response; a response that is usually a colossal return on investment.

A large part of this interaction involves answering user questions on LinkedIn (the proto-crowdsourcing engine, if you ask me). Helping someone out by answering a question is the most basic way to form the beginnings of a positive relationship.

My favourite question of today:

Will Social Media make Face-to-Face Meetings Redundant?

I’ll admit, I had to take a few moments to consider my response to this. Without much in the way of qualifying information, it’s a difficult one to answer. There are three arenas to consider: the interpersonal, the brand, and the business to business.

All three share a common basis: social media is a complementary strategy to face-to-face meetings. It won’t eradicate the need for them – and I’d argue that it shouldn’t.

Digital and offline conversations aren’t dissimilar. Both rely on a common interest, personal interaction, and compatibility, to succeed. They require a level of trust – something that most people will find easier to give to someone they can look in the eye, rather than through a computer monitor.

That’s not to say that you can’t be genuine and influence people through social media. In a personal sense, I keep up with a lot of my friends through Twitter, Facebook and the like. In many ways, I know a lot more about what’s going on in their lives than some of the people I interact with in real life everyday. Why? Because we’re all using personal accounts to talk to each other, we all know each other in real life, and a level of trust already exists. That doesn’t mean that I won’t lose touch with them if I don’t make an effort to see them once in a while, it means that the gaps between meetings are a constant conversation, deepening the relationship.

Brands can be genuine and build trust through social media too – even if they are using a corporate account to do so. The key here is that the customers’ interaction with the brand on the web has to echo their real life experiences, and vice versa. A stand-offish or arrogant shopkeeper might be ‘supercool’ in the online world, but if they’re not personable when you visit the shop, you won’t continue that interaction.

In a business to business sense, the ‘silver bullet’ is somewhere in between these two approaches. Your social media presence has to echo your client’s experience. You can use social media to find people that you could help – but the relationship will advance exponentially through a face-to-face meeting. You should use social media to bridge the gaps between these meetings, ensuring that there is a constant conversation and exchange of ideas. This lays the groundwork for the next meeting.

Use social media to keep a conversation – and a contact – active. Deepen a relationship by sharing ideas; forge the kind of symbiosis that you need to make a project truly successful.


On Synergy

Synergy, the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Public Relations should be all about synergy. Not just synergy between the agencies and clients, but between any and all interested stakeholders.

It’s easier when it isn’t though. It’s easy to focus narrowly on your client, to fight for column inches, and jealously guard all promotional activities and events.

This approach may garner some responses, may raise interest and credibility, may please your client, and will probably fulfill your contractual obligations to them. Is that where you stop?

Not here at Vivid. We’re not interested in ‘pleased’ clients; we want ‘ecstatic’ clients. We don’t fulfill obligations; we exceed them. Sure, in part this is due to our attention to detail, our refusal to settle for ‘second-best’ for our clients, and the passion we have for the projects we take on.

We’ll not only think of ‘going the extra mile,’ we’ll think of bigger and brighter destinations you can reach on the same tank of petrol. That’s why our client’s keep coming back for new journeys.


We know that even in a commercial world, looking for partners is important. Disagree? Take a look at the (product)RED partnership: over ten global brands, each with huge influence in their own markets, come together in joint campaigns targeted at eradicating poverty and combating aids in Africa. They aren’t scared of cooperating with other organisations towards a common aim. Everyone benefits – from CEOs to consumers, from the impoverished to the wealthy.

Our client,, is organising a series of festive events to benefit the homeless charity, Crisis. is also donating 2000 books to this very worthy cause, books that will be distributed to Crisis’ homeless clients over the festive period. By gaining brand recognition in the UK, will be able to help Crisis with its festive fundraising.

Whether the partner organisation is a different brand in a different market, a charitable cause, or an influential individual, both have more to gain together than alone. Picking the correct partnerships and spotting the gainful opportunities is the key to real synergy. That’s where we come in.

Beware of any communications agency too interested in following your marketing plan to the T. Your agency should exceed your aims by having ideas that you didn’t, and finding new ways to approach the conversions you seek. After all, that’s why you bring on an agency, instead of doing it yourself.

Call us and take your first step towards mutually beneficial outcomes. Let’s see where our synergy takes you.

Adam James Morecroft
A Junior Associate at Vivid London, Adam James Morecroft is a graduate of King's College European Studies programme. A childhood spent on the continent has fostered his keen linguistic skills, which he makes full use of in his role as junior PR and social media marketer.

09’s Christmas Thunderstorm

Our client, the books and ideas website is sponsoring a series of festive events in Covent Garden, on behalf of Crisis, the homeless charity.

There are thousands of homeless people who sleep rough every night on the streets of London. Crisis operates centres from 23 December until 30 December, where these people can enjoy some of the festive cheer most of us take for granted. Keebra was also able to donate 2000 brand new books to Crisis – a selection of classic literary favourites – to these centres, to be distributed on Christmas Day.

There are five events in Covent Garden to help the charity – check Facebook for the first in the series, with special guest William Boyd, who has graciously agreed to sign all of his books bought on the night, with 50% of the sticker price going to Crisis! It’s from 6:00 – 8:30pm, in the South Wells of the Covent Garden Market Building.

Enjoy some festive fun in Covent Garden this Christmas, and help Keebra to help those less fortunate than most.


Vivid London interviews Dan Hannan for

Daniel Hannan, MEP

We coordinate and produce a weekly podcast for our clients,, called ‘The Buzz’, in which we interview a prominent person about their five favourite books. We’re very grateful to Mr Hannan who provided an excellent account of the most important books that had influenced his life – check it out on Keebra‘s Facebook fan page!


Team Accelerate take on World Adventure Racing Championships

Our client Accelerate are up to their old tricks! This time they’re competing in the World Adventure Racing Championship to cover a total distance of around 912km, on foot, bikes, skates and in kayaks; up mountains and down rapid rivers.

Mixed teams of four compete for the World Championship, with New Zealand’s Orion Health currently holding the title. Team Accelerate were the only UK team to complete the course at last years Portugal XPD, earning a very credible 8th place, in what was their first ever multi-day, non-stop race.

The team, consisting of Kevin Honeysett (captain), Caroline Bullard, Alasdair Bruce (lead Navigation) and Adam Marcinowicz have again been confirmed for this year’s event with Julia Baron and David Spence as reserves. Debbie Smith and Team Manager Stuart Hale will be the Support Team.

Team Accelerate

Everyone here at Vivid London wishes the team the best of luck with both their training and the competition! Follow their updates on the Accelerate web or Facebook page.


Jeff Kristian and Friends at St. Annes, Soho

St. Anne’s Soho, the church adjacent to our client Soho Green, are hosting a fundraising event this coming Friday, 30 October 2009. Doors open at 7:30 pm and it’s £10 on the door, with all proceeds from the evening going to the ‘Friends of St. Anne’s’. Pop along for a fun and socially responsible Friday night!

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