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Bright young things

There are more university graduates than ever before – and fewer jobs for them to move in to. To get ahead, you don’t just need to shine: the key to unlocking the door is to get your foot in it first.

There is good news: We want to help. And we’re currently looking for three motivated interns to join our team over the summer, or as part of a placement Autumn/Winter 2010/11.

Outstanding creativity comes in many forms. So do Vivid interns. Media, design and communications students are welcome of course, but we’ll still be interested if you’re studying maths.

The role is broad – you’ll learn about every aspect of a full-service communications agency. What we need from you is the ability to create outstanding work, and to do it with a smile. We’re an international agency with international staff, so foreign language skills are always a bonus.

Vivid has always recognised the quality of (what we like to call) ‘bright young things’. That’s why our staff have all risen to their current roles from internship positions. We give you the freedom to run with your ideas, and support you to bring them to life; where they (and you) go is up to you.

If you can commit to a month or more, ask us about a placement today.


Our new website

We’ve been quietly working away over the past few days on a project that we’re really excited about. So excited that we’re now ready to shout it out.

Our new website launched in the early hours of this morning, and reflects both the historical evolution of the firm, as well as the vivid portfolio of clients we service.

Check it out at now!


Congratulations to Cherry!

Author of 'Grandma's Remedies', Cherry ChappellWe’re in a bit of a buzz this morning at Vivid Towers. In the midst of managing a photo shoot, preparing for our new site to go online, and writing some great copy for our clients, we’ve got something to celebrate.

As most of you know Cherry Chappell, partner at Vivid London, is an accomplished author. Her latest book, Grandma’s Remedies will be released in paperback on 4th February, and continues to receive prominent and positive feedback.

Just check out the centre spread of today’s Daily Express or the online edition to see what we mean!


Snowho Again?

The media is warning us once again of oncoming snow – and implying that the country is likely to grind to a halt.

You’ll remember from our last snow day post the fun we had when London stayed at home. We’ve got the heaters on, hot tea and coffee on tap, and will be open tomorrow, come rain or shine (or snow).

The world doesn’t close when it gets snowy. Don’t freeze your campaigns in the bad weather – pop by to warm both yourself and your promotions up!


A new year, a new office…

A happy new year from everyone at the Vivid offices. New years are wondrous things, full of resolutions, plans and dreams.

Our recent post may have alerted the hyper astute amongst you that something new was coming our way.

Neumarkt Galerie KölnWe’re proud to officially announce the opening of Vivid’s newest branch in Germany’s media capital, Köln. Based in the stylish Neumarkt Galerie, Vivid’s team in Germany is ready to take on any media challenge you can think of.

We’ve always been an international company: from our colleagues, to our clients, to our focus. This latest expansion recognises the European nature of Vivid, and solidifies our standing as a cross-culutural communications firm.

Contact us today in Soho, Covent Garden or Köln to discuss your resolutions, plans and dreams for the year ahead!


Greetings from S(n)o(w)ho!

We’re certainly getting ourselves in the spirit of the season at Vivid HQ! The festive events for have led to Christmas songs throughout the office, which in turn have led to Santa hats.

It seems the weather’s doing its part too; the scene is certainly set for’s festive readings in Covent Garden, From 6pm tonight!
Vivid Senior Partners David Nash and Neil Evans enjoy a snowy break


New artwork on our walls

Köln Dom Artwork

We’re great art lovers at Vivid London working with internationally renowned artists including Totte Mannes, Derek Jarman, Simon Costin and most recently Althea Wilson Galleries in Chelsea.

Almost everyone here collects art, creates art or does a bit of both, so on a recent excursion to Köln we simply couldn’t resist this collection which now have pride of place at Vivid HQ in Berwick Street.

We found them at The Artroom, which we’d heartily recommend if you’re ever passing through Köln. You can find them at Ludwigstrasse 1, 50667 Köln.

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